Double Cattail Gates for Bill

Product Description

Double gates based on the sketch pictured with cattails, dragonflies and frogs.

Gates will be made to fit on existing hinge pins that are 5/8" diameter. Existing pins are adjustable height so they can fit fixed female hinge receivers on gate.

Horizontal distance  from center of one hinge pin to the center of the opposite hinge pin is 80".
Gates will be built so that when center to center measurement of the female hinge halves on the gates is at 80"  there will be a 1" to 1.5" gap in the center between gate halves

Gates will have an inverted top arch with the low point in the center. There will be ball finials on inner and outer corners of each gate half, (4 finials total).
Height from bottom of gate to top of inner ball finial 51".
Height from bottom of gate to top of outer ball finial  69".

In the center where the gate halves meet there will be a gravity latch and a cane bolt to be field installed with self tapping screws.

Black powdercoat finish.

Truck freight delivery to a commercial location in 95215.