Custom table base and frame flat black for Joel

Product Description

One custom table base based on the design pictured.

Add top frame made from 1" square tube.

Details as follows:

We would build the 2 legs at 28” tall.

Bottom width 31”
Top width 23”
Add a bottom rail for an overall length of 61”.
For mostly hidden fasteners we can eliminate the big bolt head that shows from the outside on out table base.

Instead we can make that attachment by putting 2 smaller bolts at each end which are underneath the bottom rail. They would go into
weld in threads so there would be no bolt or nut on the outside.

The 1” square top frame would be 23” x 59" outside dimensions.
On each 23” end we would weld a 3” wide flatbar 23” long centered on the 1” frame. This would match the top bar of the legs.

Near each corner of this flatbar we would drill and weld a nut on the top side. The legs would be drilled to match that hole pattern, so a bolt can be threaded
in from the bottom side. Depending on the depth of the groove at those locations you might need to make a clearance hole in the wood so the nut does not interfere with the wood.

Flat black powdercoat finish.

Shipping to Louisiana included in price.

Lead time before shipping about 3 weeks from order date.