Custom Steel Bamboo Gate and Panels for Gil

Product Description

 Item # 1 is a custom steel bamboo gate based on the design pictured.
Delete top "Temple" decor leaving the gate top flat.

Made to fit an opening 71.25" wide including space for hinges and latch.
Height of gate 56".

Gate frame 1.25" square tube .083 wall.

Gate infill 10 gauge steel in the Bamboo pattern adjusted for size and scale.

Includes ball bearing hinges and flipper style latch.

Item # 2 will be two steel bamboo fence panels with the frame and infill based on the same design as the gate.

Each panel will be 27.5" wide across the outside of the frame and on each side there will be 2 mounting tabs 1/4" thick making them fit openings that are 28" wide.
Height of panels 56".

All parts to have a powdercoat finish in black, curbside freight delivery to