Custom Hummingbird Gate for Carole

Product Description
One custom steel Hummingbird gate based on the design pictured and using the infill shown in the drawing.
Gate will be built to fit in an opening 48" wide including space for hinges and single lockbox built into the gate with a strike box that will mount to your posts.
Gate height will be 76".
Hinges will be located on the side of the gate with the Hummingbird tail.
The upper hinge pin will be inverted so the gate cannot be lifted off the hinges without removing a hinge. If viewing the gate from the outside the hinges will be on the right, the lockbox on the left and the gate will swing open towards me.

Includes gate, hinges, lock box with strike, black powdercoat finish and curbside freight delivery to 94709..
No knob or latch included.