Custom Hummingbird Arch for Rod

Product Description

One custom arch with Hummingbird infill based on the attached sketch.
Artwork portion with bird and flowers to be approx 29.5" wide.
Framework will be made from 1" square tube.

Overall width to be approx 60".

Overall height to be approx 24". Height and width dimensions will vary slightly as the arch is fit to the radius of the artwork.

On the bottom in 2 locations will be a welded on mount plate 4"x 8" x 1/4" thick.
On one end of the mount plate will be a square 4 hole pattern for 5/16" bolts. This pattern will be located outside of the vertical frame members that border the artwork.
On the joint between each vertical member and the welded mount plate will be a welded gusset in 2 locations. (total of 4 gussets)
Included will be 2 loose plates the same size with a matching 4 hole pattern located in the center of the plates so they can be bolted to the weld plates rotated 90 degrees.
Holes for mounting loose plates to wood frame will be drilled by installer.

Black powdercoat finish.

48 state delivery included.