Custom flatbar table legs for Bruce

Product Description

1 pair of steel flatbar table legs. 
The overall shape will be based on the leg design pictured. (Not our original design)
Curved legs  only, the pin mechanism shown on the outside of the legs will not be included.

Legs made from 3/8" x 3" flatbar.
Across the top will be a 1/4" x 3" flatbar with screw holes for mounting a tabletop.

Overall height 28".
Width at bottom 18".
Width at top 9".

Gap between legs where a wood cross beam goes will be 2 1/8" wide.

Height to the flatbar that will support a wood beam will be 12" from floor level. 2 holes for 3/8" diameter bolts will be drill though each leg above the flatbar.

Waxed raw steel finish.

48 state shipping included in price.