Custom fence panels and gate with Pomeranian

Product Description

2 fence panels and one gate as shown in the attached customer drawing replacing the Poodle with a Pomeranian and making design changes as needed to fit the scale.

The center oval in the gate will be a sold black panel and the Pomeranian image will be in silver and applied to both sides of the oval. Viewing the drawing from the front the dog will face left and viewing from the rear the dog will face right.
Fence panels will be 18" tall from bottom rail to top rail plus 6" of post under the bottom rails.The gate top arch and ball cap finials will rise over the panel tops when installed.

Includes hinges and gravity latch.

Powdercoat finish in black with the dogs in silver.

48 state shipping is included in the price.

Lead time before shipping 3-4 weeks from order date.