Puppy Litter Feeder Large Breed Dog Multi Bowl Powdercoated Steel

Product Description

Here's the solution to feeding your litter of puppies. If you use a big bowl or pan they all climb in it to play in the food. Use smaller loose bowls or dishes and they scoot them all across the floor then knock them over making a huge mess.

With this multi dish bowl holder Pups can eat from both sides and each have their own bowl so nobody gets short changed at dinner time. It is stable and hard for the puppies to push around.

This litter feeder is all steel and has a high quality baked on powder coat finish for durability and good looks.

Comes complete with stainless steel bowls in 1 quart size, perfect for medium to large breed puppies.

Cleanup is a snap, the bowls just lift out for washing.

This 5 bowl feed stand measures about 35 inches long by 7.5 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  Also available in shorter 3 or 4 bowl models.

In case you wish to raise the feeder as your pups grow we have drilled 4 holes on the bottom. You can simply screw 1 or more blocks of wood under each end to raise it the desired amount. When the pups are grown remove the wood and it's ready for more little ones.

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